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  • Never enter a laboratory unless given permission by your teacher.

  • Do not run and push in the laboratory.

  • Do not bring bags and unwanted items into the laboratory.

  • Always handle laboratory equipments with great care. Do not play with reagent and other chemicals, they can be dangerous.

  • Any damage to laboratory equipment, whether accidental or on purpose will incur a penalty equivalent to the damage causes.

  • No laboratory equipment can be taken out of the laboratory without the knowledge and permission of the teacher concerned.

  • Always keep your work area and the rest of the laboratory tidy and clean.

  • Eating and drinking in the laboratory is forbidden.

  • Wash your hands after using chemicals or biological materials and return cleaned equipment to the correct place.

  • Inform your teacher immediately about any accident


  • If you spill any chemicals or break some glassware, report it to your teacher who will tell you how to clean it up.

  • Only put broken glass into the broken-glass bins.

  • When heating or mixing substances, never look inside the flask, test tube or beaker. Do not point these experiments at anyone.

  • Do not open cupboards or examine specimens or experiments left in the laboratory unless given permission by your teacher.

  • Girl with long hair should make sure that their hair is tied back.

  • Be careful while using burner or any other inflammable materials.

  • Do not play the fool with equipment or chemicals. It can be dangerous to you and to other students around you.

  • Always follow the instructions of the teacher in charge of the class.