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Admission & Withdrawal

Criteria for Admissions:

  1. New Admissions are taken into the school, in the months of February to April, on the basis of a written-test and interview. Both parents are required to attend the interview. The interview date is communicated to the parents either through notice board or in writing. Please note that there is no written test for admission to the Nursery and Lower K.G. Class.
  2. A fee will be charged for the entrance examination. This amount is non-refundable and no claim should be made if the child does not qualify in the written test for admission. A date of birth certificate from the municipal authorities(for urban areas) and the gram panchayat (for rural areas), must be submitted along with the completed admission form for Nursery & K.G. This is compulsory and no alternative is accepted.

  3. For Classes I upwards, a Transfer Certificate from the last school must be attached to the admission form. A provisional date of birth certificate should be submitted at the time of registration.

  4. Tests will be taken in English, Hindi, Mathematics and Science. A candidate must secure at least 40% marks to qualify for admission. All admissions will be taken on merit only.

  5. The school has an initial Pre-school class after which the child goes to the L.K.G., U.K.G. and then to class 1. For admission to the Pre-school class the child should be above 2 and half years of age (as on April 1st).

  6. Transfer cases may be taken at any time of the year provided the case is genuine, for which a copy of the transfer order must accompany the request for admission.

  7. Direct admission may be taken at the discretion of the Principal depending on availability of seats in the class to which admission is sort.


  1. One month's notice should normally be given by the parent, in writing on plain paper, before withdrawal of a student and issue of the Transfer Certificate.

  2. In case no notice is given, one month's tuition fee will be taken in lieu of the notice.

  3. A Fee is charged for the issue of a Transfer Certificate, along with one month's fees if no notice is given.

  4. No Transfer Certificate will be issued, on any account, if it is discovered that the date of birth declared by the student, at the time of admission, is not authentic and the relevant supporting document has not been attached to the admission form.

  5. No adjustments are made in the date of birth at anytime, least-of all, at the time of issuing a T.C.