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  1. The school holds four examinations in July, September, December and March respectively, and prepares quarterly reports for classes I upwards. K.G. classes have six monthly assessments. Besides this, regular unit tests and class tests are conducted from time to time. Performance in the exams of the 2nd {half yearly) and 4th (final) quarter are important for promotion of the student to the next class. However, the whole year's performance is taken into consideration to assess whether the student is capable of coping with the next class. No medical certificates are accepted in the 2nd and 4th quarter exams. Minor test in reading, writing, recitation, dictation and drawing are taken in advance without prior notice.

  2. A student must secure, at least, 35% in English Composition, Hindi and Mathematics and the grand total, to be considered passed in any test/examination

  3. No tests/exams will be taken before or after the specified date given in the timetable. Medical certificates are not accepted during the final examinations.

  4. Re-examination of a student is not encouraged