Affiliation No. UP296 

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Recommendation For Parents

  1. All students must attend the re-opening of school on the appointed day. Any student, who is to return late, due to any reason, must notify the Principal in writing, and school fees for the period of absence should be paid in advance, so as to ensure that the child's name remains on the rolls.

  2. The Principal must be informed immediately, in writing, about the absence of a pupil from class, stating the reasons. Verbal or telephonic messages will not be entertained.

  3. If a student continues to be absent from class, without any leave-application, for more than 10 working days, his/her name is liable to be struck off the register.

  4. No student is allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without the knowledge and permission of the Principal/Teacher-in-charge.

  5. Parents are advised not to ask for leave in the middle of class hours. Either a child is present for the full meeting or absent for the day. There is no provision for half-day attendance. This sort of leave can only be granted in extreme emergencies.

  6. Every student must endeavour to maintain the good name of the school by excelling in good manners and behaviour.

  7. Scribbling on the walls, desks, boards etc. is strictly forbidden. Any damage to the school property will have to be made good by the parent/guardian of the defaulting child.

  8. Students suffering from any contagious disease (viz. Chicken Pox, Measles etc.) will not be allowed to attend class.

  9. Co-operation is expected from the parents in seeing that their children complete the home -assignments and conform to the general regulations of the school.

  10. All students must take part in all functions of the school. Refusal to do so will amount to deliberate disobedience and will be severely dealt with.

  11. Parents are not allowed to enter the classrooms, much less to instruct their servants to do so. All dealing with teachers during school hours, must be done through the Principal's/Administrator's office.